Portret Edwin Hilgersom

Frans Creusen, creusentaxaties.nl

I was going to start a company so I was searching for someone who could develop a website. My daughter pointed me to Edwin Hilgersom, a former fellow student. She heard from various people he is “good” at what he does.

It started with an interview. I discovered I didn’t really know what I exactly wanted. Edwin listened really well and came up with several proposals I didn’t even think about, so he’s a very inventive person. Beside that I needed a new logo. After several conversations and examples he came with an excellent result where my relationships complimented me on the website and logo.

All this came about because Edwin can empathize with a person who has little knowledge of IT issues. He can explain in plain language what is meant or prompted. Even at the most unusual times, he was accessible to answer questions which the questioner feels “stupid” about, he understands. The fact that he let me work with the CMS to gain knowledge, gave confidence. If it went wrong, I could rely on him.

As for the result, I am very happy and proud to show my website to others. Altogether a good reason to contract Edwin to develop a website and/or design a logo.

Frans Creusen
Creusen Taxaties
Creusen Taxaties