Portret Edwin Hilgersom


Since I’ve been interested in web-development I’ve crossed paths with quite some different code languages. During my bachelor Communication and Multimedia Design at Zuyd University, I’ve learned how to adapt to code languages I haven’t used before. Which makes it easier to learn how to use them.

When developing websites I’ve worked with two content management systems (CMS). When developing a website on my own I like to use WordPress. It offers lot’s of features and plugins which make it easy to develop costumers’ wishes. Also it’s easy to understand for costumers. Since WordPress is used by more than 74 million websites, it has a large support community. I’m not fond of buying a theme, I rather develop it myself that’s when the support comes in handy.
The other CMS I work with is a CMS of my employers’ own making. I work at an online solutions company which develops websites and apps and much more. After my internship I managed to stay there. Since that time I’ve learned many new things and got the opportunity to work for great cliënts.

Not so long ago I started exploring app development. While using the Ionic Framework to build an app, I discovered the power of Angular.js. When I needed a backend for the app I used the WordPress REST API and Google’s firebase.

Programming languages I’ve used so far:

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Smarty
  • Angular.js
  • Ionic
  • PHP

WordPress plugins I use most:

  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • Jetpack
  • Ninja forms
  • Yoast SEO